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Courier your data

Users on many Koordinates sites can choose to have their chosen datasets delivered via courier, on physical media the user can keep. This may be especially useful for users that want ongoing access to large datasets.


Click Add to Collection


Click Export

You can find the Export button in the top right of your screen.


Select Order Courier Delivery

The export screen will give you a range of options about your chosen data, including file format. After making these choices, select Courier Delivery.


Accept Terms

Choose which country you want your data delivered to, and you will be given a courier price, exclusive of sales tax. If you are happy with the options and price, select Accept Terms at the bottom of the screen.



After accepting terms, you will be taken to a checkout page, where you will be asked to sign into your Koordinates account, and enter payment and delivery information.

Fee structure and use of data size estimates

Courier deliveries are charged on a base fee + media type + estimated data size + delivery country basis. This fee is displayed prior to payment and is also displayed on invoices and in your Account history.

Note: the data sizes used to generate a fee for courier delivery charges are estimates only. Estimates are used as the actual size of delivered data isn't known before users pay for the courier fee and processing of the data is performed.

Physical media used

Koordinates uses courier media according to this table:

1-8GB: 1 or 2 DVDs

4-64GB: USB2 or USB3 Thumb / Flash Drive

64GB-500GB: USB2 or USB3 Portable Hard Drive

Koordinates reserves the right to use different media based on supply availability and costs.

Note: the media is owned by the user after delivery and should not be returned to Koordinates.

How data is stored on the physical media

Data is stored unzipped when possible on the physical media so it can be used directly in your software.

The two text-based file formats (CSV and ASCII Grids) are zipped to avoid wasting storage space.

Delivery timeframes

Delivery timeframes for courier orders include a data processing component and a courier delivery component. Larger (100's of Gigabytes) orders, or orders containing less commonly requested data, have longer data processing timeframes and consequently longer delivery timeframes.

With this in mind, Koordinates endeavours to meet the following timeframes for courier deliveries of data:

New Zealand: 4 business days

Australia: 6 business days

Rest of world: 12 business days

Tracking of deliveries

Koordinates will issue an email update when our courier company has picked the package up for delivery. Generally this will include a tracking number that can be entered into the CourierPost website for viewing delivery status.

Problems with your courier delivery

If your courier delivery hasn't arrived within the above timeframe, please email or lodge a ticket at Koordinates Support. If the order was not delivered, you can claim a replacement or refund as per our Refund and Replacement Policy.

Note that items delivered internationally may be held by the customs authority of another country, and that this may not always be communicated in tracking information provided by NZPost. You can check the status of your item by calling NZPost on 0800 73 63 53 and quoting the NZPost tracking number emailed to you at the time of purchase.  

Problems with your invoice or other accounts queries

Contact Koordinates Accounts at .