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Crop data layers by box

When you have one or more downloadable layers in your map, you will be able to use the box crop tool. This enables you to reduce the size of your added data layers, ensuring that you can download only the data you need.


Click the crop button

After adding your data to the map, select the crop button, on the left hand side of the map.


Select the area you want to crop

Click and drag on the map to set your download area. This will crop the data in your collection to the extent contained within your selected area.


Change your crop

To change the box crop, select Redraw Crop to restart the process.


Check size of cropped data

After cropping your data, your collection will update to show the new export size estimate and cost (if applicable) of your export.

Cancel your crop

 To cancel your crop, click 'Remove.'

Additional points

Vector lines and polygons are clipped to the requested extent, which means that all enclosed points are returned.

Raster crops are converted to the projection of the export and expanded to the new bounding rectangular envelope. In other words: your exported data will be rectangular in the projection requested and will contain at least the data requested.