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Crop data layers by region

When enabled by the publisher, you will be able to use the region crop tool. This enables you to reduce the size of your added data according to pre-defined regions, ensuring that you only download the data you need. 


Click the crop button

After adding your data to the map, select the crop button, on the left-hand side of the map.


Select Region Crop


Choose a region type

Region Type provides a list of categories of region. It might, for example, provide the option to crop by territorial authorities, general electorate boundaries or Topo 50 map sheets. The options provided will depend on your chosen dataset.

If there are no valid region crops for the current view the menu will be replaced by the text 'No crop layers available for this extent.'


Choose a region

After you select your region type, click Region for a list of available region-based crops for your chosen regional category.

Select a region to apply the crop to the current map.


Check size of cropped data

After cropping your data, your collection will update to show the new export size estimate and cost (if applicable) of your export.

Cancel your crop

To cancel your crop, re-click the crop button.

Additional points

Region crop is not enabled for all datasets.

A region-based crop returns map data for the selected geographical area. The crop area displayed within the map is simplified for display purposes. The data in your download will be cropped according to the full geometry.

  • Vector polygons that intersect or are enclosed by the region are returned whole.
  • Vector lines are clipped to the crop region.
  • Grid and Raster layers are clipped to the bounding rectangle of the crop region, in the same way as for raster box crops.