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Export an individual tile from a raster layer

Users can export individual tiles from a raster or grid layer. Note that this will be the original tile imported to the site by the publisher; for this reason, it can only be downloaded in its original projection.


Navigate to your chosen raster or grid layer

You can do so by clicking on the title or thumbnail of the data layer.


Select Tiles Table


Search for your chosen tile

Use the search bar at the top of the table to find the tile you wish to download. 

If you are unsure of which tile to download, consult the Index Tiles layer. This will give you the name of each individual tile, which you can then use to search the Tiles Table for your chosen tile. 


Click 'Export' icon for your chosen tile

Once you have found your tile in the Tiles Table, you have three options, each represented by an icon. From left to right, these are: 

  • Magnifying glass. This zooms to your chosen tile on the map. 
  • Link. This enables you to easily share a URL of the tile with others. 
  • Download. This allows you to download the individual tile in a format of your choice. 


Choose your format and click 'Accept terms and create export'