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Export versioned data using a changeset

If your chosen data has a primary key, you will be able to choose which updates you wish to export using a changeset.

For example, if there are 50 versions of a large data layer, and the user has downloaded version 39, the changeset will ensure that you get all the changes made in the intervening 11 versions.

A changeset outlines what has been added, updated or deleted in a particular data. A changeset can be used to update data, without having to download the entire dataset from scratch.


Click the thumbnail or title for your chosen data.


Select the History tab


Select two versions of your data

Select two versions of your data. The changeset will provide the differences between the oldest version you select and the newest.


Create an API key

You will then be given the option of creating an API key to access the changeset.


Download your changeset fields

Use the API key to download a .csv file containing the changeset fields, which you can use to update your existing data.