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Find a specific tile in a multi-tile raster or grid layer

Sometimes, after downloading or couriering a large multi-tile raster download, you might find it difficult to locate the specific tiles you are interested in for your project. This is particular the case when the data layer you have downloaded exceeds the file limits of your software. 

In this guide, we outline how to locate a specific tile using the index layer for that data layer.


Select 'Add to Collection' for your chosen data layer


Click link to index layer

If your data layer contains an index layer, it will be provided in the description for your data layer. Click this link, if available.


Add index layer by clicking 'Add to Collection.'


Click relevant point on map and note Tile Name

Click the point on the map which are you are interested in. A pop-up box will list the data values for each data layer associated with that point.


Return to 'About' page for data layer

Select your added index layer to be provided with a range of information, including the tile reference number. This will enable you to locate the tile(s) you wish to use.


Select Data Table


Enter Tile Name from Index Layer in search bar


Click Download icon

Once you have found your tile in the Tiles Table, you have three options, each represented by an icon. From left to right, these are:

  • Magnifying glass. This zooms to your chosen tile on the map.
  • Link. This enables you to easily share a URL of the tile with others.
  • Download. This allows you to download the individual tile in a format of your choice.