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Learn more about the history of a dataset

The History tab provides a table with detailed information about the history of a particular data layer or table.

Finding the history tab

You can find the History tab by clicking the thumbnail or title for your chosen data and clicking History.

Understanding the history tab

Depending on your chosen data, this table may include the following columns:

Rev: The revision number, starting from 1 for the first data import. The next import for that data will be ‘2,’ the next after than ‘3’, and so on.

Published: The date and time, in UTC, when this version of the layer was published.

Features / Rows / Tiles: The number of features (for vector layers), rows (for table data) or tiles (raster / grid layers) that the version contains.

Revision Message: A short text field, which may contain additional information about the revision

Import Log: Information about the data import process, automatically generated by Koordinates.

EPSG SRID: The numeric EPSG SRID for the layer version. Note that this could be different from the source data projection.

Projection: Common name for the version projection.

Source Format: The format in which the data was imported.

Source Type: The original source for the data, such Upload, WFS Server or ArcGIS Server.

Additional notes for versioned data

Versioned data — that is, data that has a primary key that enables Koordinates to identify changes to unique features — can have some additional fields.

Add: The number of new features in this version

Mod.: The number of features modified in this version

Del.: The number of features deleted in this version.

Primary Key: Displays the attributes / columns that denote primary keys in this version.

Additional fields for administrators with Edit permissions

If you have Edit permissions for your chosen data, you may also see the following columns:

Source Origin: Location of the source origin. For example: the name of the upload, IP address of the source or path of the network share.

Source Path: Relative path information for this version of the data, relative to the source origin. For example: the path of the data within the uploaded archive.

User: The user who created this version.

Data Import Started: The date and time (UTC) that the data was first accessed during the import process.

Data Import Finished: The date and time (UTC) that the data was last access during the import process.

Additional points on the history tab

Note that, when the data schema changes between revisions, an additional row that describes the changes is added in yellow. This lists:

  • Added and removed fields;
  • Changed field attributes (e.g. length, type);
  • Changes to primary key constraints; and,
  • Changes the data projection (SRID).