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Learn more about the map

After you have added your data, it will be added to the map on the right of your screen.

Marquee zoom

This feature, accessed using the small magnifying glass in the top left of the map, allows you to zoom to specific areas on the map.

Select World to see the entire planet represented in the map.

Select Selected Items to zoom to the extent of the items in your collection.

Basic zoom

Basic zoom allows you to zoom in or out more gradually by clicking + or -.


The crop tool allows you to select a specific geographic area, or extent, for your chosen data layers.

Base Map

At the top of the map, you are able to select what kind of base map you want to use. Your options for base map will include:

  • Map: A basic 2D map
  • Terrain: A map drawn from terrain information
  • Satellite: A map produced from satellite photography
  • Hybrid: A mixture of the satellite and basic maps
  • Blank: Choose this if you don’t want a base map at all.

Search bar

The small search bar allows you to search for a street address or place name, such as "256 Bidwill Street" or "Christchurch." To make it easier, the search bar gives you suggested search results, which saves you from having to type the whole address.


The Layers option provides you with a dropdown list of all the layers previewed on your map, and provides you with the ability to: 

  • Remove layers from your map or collection;
  • Toggle the transparency of a data layer; 
  • Zoom to a specific data layer; and,
  • Navigate to the dataset page for each data layers.