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Find data using the search bar


Enter your search term

Using the search bar is simple: type your term into the search bar—for example ‘Wellington Aerial Imagery’—and click Search.


Browse your results

To browse the results, scroll down the page. Otherwise, refine your search using a different search term.


Filter your results

You can then filter your results by Region and Source. 

Under Source, you will have the option of selecting 'Published' or 'Indexed' data:

  • 'Published' sources are those that have chosen to publish their data directly to the platform. 
  • 'Indexed' sources are government agencies that have made their data publicly available elsewhere on the internet. This data has been indexed for ease of search, appraisal, and export on 


Appraise data from your results

Each dataset in your results will contain a range of information, including: 

  • A thumbnail image of the dataset;
  • The title and source of the dataset; 
  • A copyright and licensing statement;
  • The number of views;
  • The date when it was last updated; and,
  • A link to add (or remove) the dataset from your collection. 

Additional notes on Koordinates search

Note that Koordinates search does not search within datasets. For example, a tabular dataset containing a row with the word ‘Pukeko’ will not appear in the list of search results if ‘Pukeko’ is used as the search term.

Also, note that the main search bar is not for searches on specific street addresses. To search for street addresses, enter your address into the search bar on the map.