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Using data tables

Koordinates offers a range of options for viewing and analysing tabular data.


Navigate to your chosen data layer

Click the title or thumbnail image of your chosen data layer to be taken to its About page.


Select Data Table

This tab allows you to view data as a browsable and searchable table.

For spatial data layers, this table will provide the attribute data—that is, the information for spatial features.

Search within the data table

To find specific data within the data table, enter a search term into the search box.

By default, searches are not sensitive to case. For example, this means that a search for ALB will return results for both Albania and Svalbard. To perform an exact match search use double quotes around your search term.

Note that, for larger datasets, it is not always possible to quickly determine the exact number of features that match your query. If this is the case, the result total is given as an estimate. The total number of viewable results is limited to 1000 rows.

Narrow your search to a specific attribute column

Select Options and then select a specific attribute column from the drop down menu. Enter your search term to search only within this specific column.

Narrow search to map extent

Select In Map to narrow your search to the data represented in the map, to the right of your screen.

Zoom to the map

For spatial data layers, click the magnifying glass beside each row to zoom to that point in the map.

Share a link for a specific row of data

Finally, click the link symbol to generate a link for that individual row that can be shared with other users.