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Upload and publish data


Select 'Admin' from the top menu


Select 'Upload' 


Drag and drop your data

You can read more about data formats supported for import on the Koordinates platform here


Select an Owning Group

Note: This option only applies to customers on our Team and Enterprise plans

This group will 'own' the data, and may be used for managing access permissions. Don't worry if you're not sure which group to publish to—you can always move data to a new group later on. 


Select your dataset and click 'Import'


Set permissions

By default, your dataset will be private. It would wish to make it available to the public, or to groups of users, you can edit these details prior to import. 

You can read an introductory guide to setting access controls here


Optionally edit other layer details

Prior to import, you also have the option to edit a range of details about your dataset, including title, description, licensing, and tags.

You can always skip this step and edit these details later. 


Import data

You have the option of importing your dataset as a draft, or publishing it to your live site.