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Set permissions for your data

Once you have uploaded your data, you’ll want to set permissions on how it can be accessed, downloaded and administered.

Permissions are originally determined when a dataset is imported, though they can be edited at anytime. Permissions can be specified for a range of groups and user roles.

Note that data permissions are distinct from licensing. You may, for example, decide to make a dataset with a liberal license view-only, or withdraw it from public access.

Note: Advanced sharing with individuals, groups, and teams is only available on the Team and Enterprise plans. 


Select 'Admin' from the top menu


Click 'Manage Data' 


Select your dataset

You can locate your dataset by entering a search term and filtering by group, date created, data type, status, and last update. 


Click the 'Access' tab


Click the 'Public Access' dropdown to set public data permissions

You can choose between:

  • No access. This means individuals without specific access permissions won't be able to find, view, or download your data
  • Standard access. This means individuals will be able to find, view, and—when signed in—download your data.
  • Advanced access. This option provides a range of find, view, and download options for members of the public and registered users.  


Click on the 'Groups' dropdown to set group permissions

This option allows you to give bulk permissions to all users that are members of a Group. Simply select a specific Group, and then determine the permissions you wish to grant to all members of that Group. 


Click 'Apply' to set permissions, or 'Discard' to discard your changes