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Sign up and manage your Koordinates ID

What is a Koordinates ID?

A Koordinates account — known as Koordinates ID — is a universal authentication system for all data portals on the Koordinates platform, including 

Your Koordinates ID allows you to:

  • Access data;
  • Receive permission to access private data that has been shared;
  • View your site activity; and,
  • Get an API key to use APIs and web services.

In this guide, we outline how to sign up for a Koordinates ID, and then change your account details and password.

Sign up for a Koordinates ID


Select 'Sign Up' from the top menu


Enter your email address

This email address will be used for communications from Koordinates and site publishers (which you can opt out of, if you choose).


Enter additional details and click 'Sign Up'

Enter your first name, last name, country and password you want associated with your Koordinates ID.

Note that your password must be at least eight characters long. Koordinates will also screen for high-risk passwords, such as variations of ‘Password’ or ‘Koordinates.’

Edit your profile


Click your name in the top menu


Select 'Profile' from the drop down menu


Click profile fields to edit


Click 'Update Profile' to save changes

Change your Password


Select 'Password' tab


Enter your old and new passwords


Click 'Change Password' to save changes