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Fork data from your Koordinates account

Introducing Data Forks

A fork is a copy of data that has already been imported onto the Koordinates platform. Forks are useful for creating bespoke copies of imported data, without making changes the 'master,' or source, data item. 

Koordinates supports a growing range of operations that can be applied during the forking process. These include: 

Creating a fork from imported data


Select 'Admin' from the top menu


Click the ellipses next to your chosen data item


Click 'Fork' 


Edit descriptive information and set access controls 

As with standard data imports, you have the option of editing:

  • Title
  • Owning Group
  • Access controls
  • Metadata

Click 'Edit Details' for more options, including:

  • Description
  • License
  • Elevation
  • Tags
  • Character encoding


Optionally join with one or more data items


Optionally edit attribute columns


Click 'Create and Publish' 

Alternatively, click 'Create as Draft' to perform additional checks prior to publication.