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Join one or more data items during the forking process

Introducing Joins

During the forking process, you have the option of joining your forked data to one or more addition vector or tabular datasets. You could, for example, join a vector layer and a data table to create a new vector layer. 

Joins occur by matching attribute columns across one or more data items. For example, a table with meshblock_id, number_of_trees and a vector layer with meshblock_id, geometry can be joined at the attribute column meshblock_id. This will create a new vector layer showing the geometries of the vector layer, along with the number of trees. 

Please note that you can only join data items that have matching attribute columns. Also, please note that Koordinates does not currently support joins for raster or grid data. 


Click 'Admin' from the top menu


Click the ellipses next to your chosen data 


Click 'Fork' 


Click 'Join Dataset'


Select item with which to join

You'll have the option of browsing the data imported to your account that you have permission to access. 


Select attribute columns to join

Note that the attribute columns need to match for the join to process correctly. 


Select a layer to define geometry

If you are joining one or more vector layers, you have the option of selecting a geometry from your selected items. This geometry will be applied to the new, joined layer.

If you choose 'No Geometry,' then the new, joined item will be a non-spatial data table. 


Edit Attribute Columns

You also have the option of editing and removing attribute columns. 

Note that you may be required to edit or remove columns that occur in both joined items.


Edit title, description, and access controls

As with standard data imports, you have the option of editing:

  • Title
  • Owning Group
  • Access controls
  • Metadata

Click 'Edit Details' for more options, including:

  • Description
  • License
  • Elevation
  • Tags
  • Character encoding


Click 'Create and Publish' 

Alternatively, click 'Create as Draft' to perform additional checks prior to publication.