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Enable users to crop by region

By default, your site will allow users to crop spatial data using a drag-and-drop tool, called Box Crop. Data publishers can provide users with an additional option to crop polygon data by pre-defined regions, called Region Crop.

In this guide, we outline how to enable Region Crop on a newly imported data layer. If you wish to enable Region Crop on an already imported data layer, skip to step 6.


Click 'Admin' 


Click 'Other Features' and select 'Site Settings'


Navigate to Crop Layers

From your Site Settings dashboard, click the Data, Metadata & Comments tab, and then select Crop Layers.

A crop layer is a dataset or data layer that users can crop by region.


Select your chosen polygon data

Click the drop-down menu to select your chosen polygon data layer.


Select crop label attribute and add layer

Finally, select your chosen crop label attribute. Note that this label attribute will be visible to end-users, who will use it to select which type of region-crop to apply.

Once you have chosen the label attribute, click Add crop layer.