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Find and filter site analytics reports

After publishing your data on Koordinates, you can keep track of how it is being used through a range of analytics reports. These detailed reports help you keep track of the popularity of your data. They also help you track the storage usage of the data you have uploaded to Koordinates.

These reports can be configured to present data in a range of time and date ranges, and can be exported and shared in CSV and PDF. 


Select 'Admin' from the top menu


Click 'Other Features' and select 'Analytics'


Access a specific analytics report

Click on the title of your chosen report to access that report. By default, this report will be for all site users.

Read more about the types of reports offered by Koordinates.


Filter your analytics reports by group

Below the list of analytics reports in the left hand pane, you will find two additional categories, which allow you to filter your reports.

Click From Group to find a list of groups on your site.

Click Include Users to filter other groups of users, such as site staff.

Select options under either or both of these categories to ensure that your chosen reports only includes activity from those groups of users.


Filter by date

You can filter within each analytics report according to data range.

To do so, click on the date at the top of your report to see a calendar.

Select your new dates for the From and To ranges to be given service report for that date range.