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See a list of exports from your site


Click Exports from the Admin menu


Enter your search query

If you would like to filter your results by search query, enter your query into the search bar and press Enter. 


Click 'Filter' to filter by date

Choose 'Date' to filter your results according to a specified date range. 

Choose 'Channel' to filter the exports by access channel, such as web, courier and API. 


Type name in search box to filter by a specific user

If you are looking for data exported by a specific user, simply type in their name into the search box and click Enter. 


Click 'Download CSV' 

You'll be given the option of exporting your filtered results, or all exports from your site from the last thirty days. 

You'll receive an email after your request has been processed. 


Click the link in your email to download your CSV

Alternatively, you can copy and paste the link into your browser. 

Remove a filter

Click the 'x' on the box above your results to remove a filter. You can add this filter again by following steps 3 or 4, above. 

View details of a specific export

Click anywhere on the row of a specific export to view additional details, including: 

  • Status of the export — for example, whether it is completed, or still in progress. 
  • Projection
  • EPSG code
  • Format
  • File size (compressed)
  • Export ID
  • Date and time created
  • Date and time completed
  • Whether it was been downloaded by the user
  • Access channel (for example, web)

From this page, you will also be able to: 

  • Clone export to your collection
  • See all exports from that user