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Understanding your homepage

The homepage of your Koordinates site includes a featured data layer, the most popular and latest datasets, and a list of all the categories on your site.

Below, we explain what appears on your homepage, in order of appearance.

Featured dataset

The first dataset on your homepage is the Featured data layer. Learn how to set your Featured data layer [LINK].

Adding a featured data layer is optional. If you choose not to add a featured data layer, the ‘most popular’ layer will sit at the top of your homepage.

Most popular datasets

The three most popular data layers on your site, as determined by number of views.

Latest dataset

The three latest data layers imported to your site.


A list of parent categories on your site.

Why is no data appearing on my homepage?

Your homepage will only feature data that has been made public.

If you cannot see data on your homepage, but have imported data to your site, then this is most likely because you have not made your data public.

Note that ‘public’ means ‘public to users of your site.’ Site permissions override permissions on individual data layers. If your site is password protected, then public data is simply data that is available to users with permission to access your site.