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Multi-channel publishing

To support greater exposure and reuse of public data, Koordinates supports the dual-publication of all public data to

Why multi-channel publishing?

At Koordinates, our mission is to increase the usage and impact of your data. Over the years, we've discovered that has a different user profile to individual sites on our platform. In fact, some people use as a starting point in their search for geospatial data.

We believe that multi-channel publishing will increase usage, and assist new publishers in gaining exposure for their data.

What does multi-channel publishing look like?

Your public data will appear with the same title, metadata, and description as provided on your Data Service. In addition, the landing page for all public data appearing on will include the logo of the publishing organisation (if supplied) and a link to the publisher’s Data Service.

Additional notes:

  • Your data remains the primary source for ‘SEO’ purposes, meaning that users coming to your data through search engines such as Google will be referred to your Data Service.

  • Users will be referred to your Data Service for API and web service access

  • The URL for each item at will include the URL for the source data at its Data Service. For example, a layer from ‘Example Agency’ would have the following URL:

  • The ‘Group’ field will be replaced by the name of your organisation

Adding a logo for multi-channel publishing

Publishers have the choice of adding an 'owner logo.' This logo appear on the landing page for each dataset that is made available outside of your Data Service (for example, on It's up to you which logo you use, though it is common to make this the logo for your organisation. 

Please ensure that the logo you upload is a colour PNG with transparent background, with a maximum height of 110px.


Select ‘Site Settings’ from the Admin menu


Click ‘Theme’ from the tabs on your Site Settings dashboard


Click ‘Choose File’ for the ‘Owner Logo’ row


Import your logo 


Click 'Save'