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Everything you need to know to publish and share data.

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Licensing & Metadata

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Understanding licensing

Learn how to choose a licence for your published data.

Add a licence to data using edit

Learn how to add a licence to an individual data layer.

License data during import

Apply a licence to during the process of importing data into your site.

Custom licences

Learn how to add your own custom licence, which can then be applied to your data.

Upload & Import Data

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Options for adding data to your site

Learn more about the range of options for adding data to your Koordinates site.

Manually upload and import data

Administrators can easily upload and import data from within the user interface.

Add data from an internal data source

Data can be added to your Koordinates site from a range of internal sources.

Supported data sources

Learn more about the range of data sources that can be used to add data to a Koordinates site.

Site Settings

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Understanding your homepage

Learn more about the data that will appear by default on your homepage.

Assign a featured data layer to your homepage

Choose a data layer to feature on your homepage.

Add categories to your site

Add categories that can be used to browse and filter search results on your site.

Enable users to crop by region

Administrators can enable users to crop specified data layers according to region.

File Formats & Data Types

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File formats supported for importing data

Koordinates supports a range of file formats for importing data to your site.

ASCII Grid format

There are several limitations to Esri ASCII Grid format, and users are advised to instead import data in GeoTIFF.

Esri Binary Grids

Learn more about how Koordinates handles the Esri Binary Grid file format.

Converting KML files

To import KML files to your site, you will need to convert them into another file format.


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Understanding groups

Learn more about the various uses for groups on your Koordinates site.

Create a group

Create a group to manage the ownership and bulk permissions on your data.

Add users to a group

Manage bulk permissions per data layer by adding users to a group.

Change the owning group of a data layer

Learn how to change which group owns specific data layers on your site.

Roles & Permissions

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Set permissions for all users across your Koordinates site

Determine a range of global permissions for all users on your site.

View a list of registered users

Get a list of all the registered users on your site.

Invite new users to your site

Send an invitation for new users to join your site.

Export a list of users

Download a .csv of all the users on your site.

Data Updates

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Manually update a layer with new data

Learn how to update your existing data layers from the user interface.

Automate sporadic updates of your data

Learn how to automates sporadic updates your data from an internal data source.

Schedule regular updates of your data

Schedule update your data from an internal data source

Updates using the Koordinates Administration API

Use the Admin API and Python Client Library to update your data.

Analytics Reports

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Find and filter site analytics reports

Keep track of how your data is being accessed via a range of analytics reports.

Analytics reports offered by Koordinates

Administrators can access a range of detailed analytics reports about activity on their site.

Data Storage Analytics Report

Get a breakdown of your storage usage by data type and date, as well as a forecast of your data usage.

Access Channels by Users Analytics Report

Learn more about how users are accessing data on your site.


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Raise a ticket with Koordinates Support

Learn how to send a support request to the Koordinates Support team.

Manage your Koordinates Support tickets

View and manage tickets sent to the Koordinates support team.

The Koordinates System Status Page

The Koordinates System Status page allows publishers and users can keep track of the status of Koordinates sites.