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Everything you need to know to publish and share data.

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Upload and check metadata

Once you have published your data, you’ll want to upload your XML metadata. Metadata provides information about your dataset, and is an essential guide to the accuracy and precision of your data. Thorough, up-to-date metadata tells users that your data is an authoritative source.

Koordinates supports ISO 19115/19139, Dublin Core and FGDC metadata, which users can download in XML and PDF.

In this guide, we provide step-by-step instructions on how to upload, check and edit metadata for your chosen dataset.


Navigate to Upload XML metadata

First, click on the grey stripe next to the ‘+’ symbol beside your chosen dataset. This will give you a range of options, including Upload XML Metadata.


Upload from file

After selecting Upload XML Metadata, you’ll be given the option of uploading your XML metadata from a file or from a URL.

Select Browse to select a file to upload from your chosen drive, then click Upload.


Upload from URL

If you want to upload from a URL, click Get Metadata from URL and paste the URL of your chosen XML metadata file into the box labelled URL.

Select Get to add your XML metadata file.


Updata information about your dataset from metadata

To use your XML metadata file to update title, description and other information on your dataset, click the box above Get and Upload.