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Everything you need to know to publish and share data.

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Summary of user roles for your Data Service

In your Koordinates Data Service, there are two broad categories of user, Paid Seats and User. Paid Seats—as the name suggests—are billed according to your Data Service plan. User seats are free of charge.

Paid Seat

The following roles qualify as Paid Seats:

  • Site Administrator: Manage site-wide user permissions
  • Group Administrator: Manage group and user permissions for a group(s)
  • Data Administrator: Import and administer data published to a specific group(s)


The following roles qualify as a User seat (and are free):

  • Private Data User: Access privately shared data
  • Public Data User: Access published data


When does a user become a Paid Seat?

A user becomes a Paid Seat when you give a user permission to administer data, a group, or your site. You’ll know that a user is a Paid Seat because a ‘Paid Seat’ badge will appear next to their name in the Manage Users dashboard.

How do I remove a Paid Seat?

You can remove a Paid Seat by removing all permissions to administer data, a group, or your site.

How can I see a list of all Paid Seats?

You can view a list of Paid Seats by clicking the ‘Paid Seat’ filter in your Manage Users dashboard. Read our guide on managing users for more information.

Do I have to be a Paid Seat to access privately shared data?

No. Any user can access private data, provided that they have been granted access permissions by a data, group, or site administrator.