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Data Users

Learn how to find, appraise, crop and access data on any Koordinates site.

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Data Users

Find, Preview & Share Data

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Learn more about a dataset

Datasets on Koordinates are published with a range of descriptive information and metadata.

Using data tables

Tips and tricks for making the most of data tables.

Learn more about the history of a dataset

Find out the history of changes and updates to data

Crop data layers by box

Draw a box on your map to crop data to a specific extent.


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Understanding projections

Learn more about projections on Koordinates sites.

Export an individual tile from a raster layer

Learn how to export a single tile for a raster or grid layer.

The export page

Learn more about your options for exporting data

The extra files in your raster download

Your raster download will come with several additional supporting files.

File Formats & Data Types

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Introducing export file formats

A brief introduction to the different file formats supported for export.

Understanding WMTS

An introduction to the benefits of Web Map Tile Services.

Tiled data on Koordinates

Learn more about tiled data on Koordinates sites.

ASCII Grid format

Limitations and recommended alternatives to the ASCII Grid format.

Licensing & Metadata

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Understanding licensing

Learn more about data licensing.

Finding license information

Licenses for data on Koordinates sites are set by the publisher, and can be found in the About page.

Finding licence information for data you have downloaded

Licences are included in a .txt document comes with every download.

Understanding metadata

Learn more about metadata on the Koordinates platform.

Web Services, APIs & Applications

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Find and use OGC web services

Use OGC web services to get data published on Koordinates into your application.

Use Changesets via WFS

Users can automate updates using a WFS changeset service.

The Koordinates Query API for non-technical users

A non-technical introduction to using the Koordinates Query API in your browser.

Add a raster layer into QGIS

Learn how to import a raster data into QGIS

Account & Support

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Sign up for a Koordinates ID

Get a Koordinates ID to sign in to Koordinates powered sites.

Contacting the administrators of a Koordinates site

Learn how to get in touch with the administrators behind a Koordinates site.

The Koordinates System Status Page

The Koordinates System Status page allows publishers and users can keep track of the status of Koordinates sites.

Edit your Koordinates ID user name and email address

Learn how to edit your Koordinates ID, used to log-in to Koordinates-powered sites.