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Data Users

Learn how to find, appraise, crop and access data on any Koordinates site.

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Learn more about a dataset

Use the About page to get an overview of a dataset

After clicking the title or thumbnail image of a dataset, you will be taken to the About page. The About page provides a range of additional information about a dataset. Depending on the data you are viewing, the About page will provide:

  • A general introduction to the data;
  • The data layer or table’s license;
  • Information about how the dataset has been categorised and tagged, as well as its various metadata schemas;
  • Technical details about the data, including its feature count, primary key and attributes;
  • The history of the data, including when it was first uploaded, its latest changes and its revision history; and,
  • Embed code for data layers.

Use tabs to learn more

Click the tabs at the top of the About page to access a range of additional pages, including: 

  • Metadata: View and download complete metadata
  • Data Table: View and search the data table
  • History: Get a complete history of your dataset
  • Services: View and access web services