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Data Users

Learn how to find, appraise, crop and access data on any Koordinates site.

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Finding licence information for data you have downloaded

You can find the complete licence for each data layer or table you have downloaded in the .txt file, included with all downloads. 


Export your data

After adding data to your collection using the “+’ symbol, click Export to export in the format and projection you need.


Navigate to your download folder

Navigate to the download location your data later and open the folder.


Unzip your data

Click on the .zip download file and unzip your data.


Open the .txt file

Inside your unzipped folder, you will find a range of files. Select the .txt file to view a summary of the dataset, as well as full terms of the license under which the data was made available.

This is the same information that was available on your Koordinates site at the time of the download, and should be considered the authoritative license for that particular download.

Note that licenses are provided by data publishers, which means that Koordinates is not a party to the license - the license agreement, that is to say, is between the publisher and the user.