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APIs to manage your site, query data and build new products and services.

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Set scopes for an API token

API tokens are used by administrators to manage a range of tasks using the Koordinates administration API. 

Administrators can set the scopes for an API token by creating an API key through the user interface on their Koordinates site.

Please note that, at this stage, this functionality is only available to sites that are hosted in Koordinates cloud. This means that this functionality is not available to administrators of the LINZ Data Service, the LRIS Data Portal and the MfE Data Service.


Sign in to your Koordinates ID


Click your user name in the top menu


Select APIs and Web Services


Determine the scopes for your Admin API token

The API key dashboard will provide you with a range of options to set the scopes for your API token. Select which scopes your wish to include. 

Please note that this is only available for site and group administrators. 


Name your API and create key


Accept terms and create key


Use the API key in the Koordinates Admin API