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Account and Support

Changing an unmigrated Koordinates ID email address

If your email address cannot be edited, this means that you have an 'unmigrated' account.

Change your Koordinates ID password

Learn how to change the password on your Koordinates ID

Contacting the administrators of a Koordinates site

Learn how to get in touch with the administrators behind a Koordinates site.

Edit your billing details

Your credit card and billing address can be edited via the "Usage & Billing" page

Edit your Koordinates ID user name and email address

Learn how to edit your Koordinates ID, used to log-in to Koordinates-powered sites.

FAQs on the migration of user accounts to Koordinates ID

Frequently asked questions on the migration of user accounts to Koordinates ID

Manage your Koordinates Support tickets

View and manage tickets sent to the Koordinates support team.

Payments on Koordinates

Koordinates provides various ecommerce services, including purchase of data, payment of download fees and courier delivery of data.

Raise a ticket with Koordinates Support

Learn how to send a support request to the Koordinates Support team.

Refund and replacement policy

Our formal policy on refunds and replacements.

Sign up for a Koordinates ID

Get a Koordinates ID to sign in to Koordinates powered sites.

The Koordinates System Status Page

The Koordinates System Status page allows publishers and users can keep track of the status of Koordinates sites.

Update your communication preferences

Details on how to stay up to date, or remove yourself from Koordinates mailing lists

Create & Use Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Learn how to activate and use MFA to secure your account

Koordinates Security

Learn about Koordinates ISO 27001 status, and how to raise incident reports

Okta Integration with Koordinates ID

Allow organisational login to Koordinates using Okta