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Find and Export Data

Alter the transparency of added data

Alter the transparency of data layers added to your map.

Appraise and download metadata

Learn how to find, check and download metadata in XML or PDF.

Crop data layers by box

Draw a box on your map to crop data to a specific extent.

Export data in PDF

Learn how to export data in PDF

Export versioned data using a changeset

Changesets make it possible to export only the updates of a specific data layer.

Find & export multiple data layers

Learn how to quickly access the data you need from a Koordinates site.

Find data using the search bar

Learn more about using Koordinates search.

Finding license information

Licenses for data on Koordinates sites are set by the publisher, and can be found in the About page.

Image distortion

There are two potential causes for image distortion in data exported from Koordinates.

Learn more about a dataset

Datasets on Koordinates are published with a range of descriptive information and metadata.

Learn more about the history of a dataset

Find out the history of changes and updates to data

Learn more about the map

Tips and tricks for getting the most from your preview map.

Overview of download limits

A list of download limits per format from Koordinates.

Query the map

Users can query data layers by simply clicking a point on the map.

The export page

Learn more about your options for exporting data

The extra files in your raster download

Your raster download will come with several additional supporting files.

The .txt file in your export

All exports from Koordinates sites come with a .txt file, which contains a range of useful information.

Understanding projections

Learn more about projections on Koordinates sites.

Add a raster layer into QGIS

Learn how to import a raster data into QGIS

Find & export Point Cloud data layers

Providing the process of finding, cropping and exporting Point Cloud data layers.

Find data by Publisher

Filter and find datasets from a certain Publisher, organisation or individual.

Using the Tile Table

How to use the Tile Table with datasets.

Requesting access to restricted data

Learn how to access data that you can find, but not add to the Map Viewer.

Request data via Courier

Request selected data to be sent via courier service on a USB drive.

Customising Export files

see how to customise the way datasets are exported, including altering the resolution, and preparing for use with MapInfo.

Explore with Data Table

Explore the data features through the data table, including filter and search.