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API Admin Glossary

A brief introduction to some of the terminology we use with our APIs.

API Client Library

Our Python Client Library provides a convenient way to get started building your integration with the Koordinates API.

Cartography API

The Cartography API can be used to create and publish cartographic styles for Layers and Sets.

Data Catalog API

The Data Catalog API is a read-only API for listing data from the Koordinates catalogue.

Data Object Identifiers API

The Data Object Identifiers API provides support for assigning DOI references to Layer, Tables, and Documents

Data Sources API

The Data Sources API provides read and write access to sources, datasources and scans

Documents API

Use the Documents API to find, create and edit documents.

Export API

The Export API can be used to create and download exports of data.

Feedback API

Use the Feedback API to access the Koordinates comments and tickets.

Introducing the Admin API

Tips for making the most of the Koordinates Administration APIs.

Layers & tables API

The Layers and Tables API allows publishers to set, edit and update layers and tables.

License API

The License API provides access to licences that can be applied to layers, tables, sources and documents

Metadata API

Use the Metadata API to add, inspect and download XML metadata against a range of objects.

Permissions API

The Permissions API provides an interface for modifying user and group permissions.

Publishing API

Use the Group Publishing API to schedule drafts of versioned objects to be published together.

Redaction API

Use the Redaction API to change the current and historic values of data fields.

Sets API

The Sets API can be used to make sets of layers, tables and documents.

Set scopes for an API token

Set scopes for an API token through the Koordinates user interface.

Users & Groups API

The Users & Groups APIs provide functionality for managing user's access, group permissions and group configuration.