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Publish Data

Add cartographic styles to data using CartoCSS

Change the appearance of data layers using CartoCSS

Add layers or tables to an existing set

Learn how to add published geospatial data layers or tables to an existing set.

Add XML metadata from connected sources

Learn how to add XML metadata to data using connected metadata sources

Add XML metadata via manual upload

Learn how to add metadata to an individual data layer by uploading an XML file.

Add XML metadata via the Source Browser

Publishers can import xml metadata from connected data sources using the Source Browser

Change the default setting for metadata on your site

From Site Settings, administrators can change the global default settings for metadata on their site.

Create a Map Viewer

Use Koordinates Data Management to create Map Viewers with multiple data layers.

Create a set of multiple data items

Learn how to arrange your data layers and tables into sets so that they can be viewed and downloaded together.

Create and edit a catalogue entry

A catalogue entry can be used to list data that is accessible outside of your site.

Dual publish data to your portal and

All public data on your data portal can be dual-published to

Edit descriptive information of a layer

Learn how to edit the descriptive information of a layer

Edit details for an existing set

Learn how to edit the details of a set of published data layers and tables

Naming your data

Tips and tricks for choosing what name to provide your data.

Search Engine Optimisation of your data

All data published on Koordinates sites are Search Engine Optimised using a range of techniques.

Understanding licensing

Learn how to choose a licence for your published data.

Understanding metadata

Learn more about metadata on your Koordinates site.

What can I license (and not license) on my site?

Learn what you are able to license to users on your site.