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What can I license (and not license) on my site?

Items you can license on Koordinates

Koordinates allows you to license:

  • Geospatial datasets (or data layers);
  • Tables; and,
  • File documents and attachments.

Users explicitly agree to the licence terms you have set when they download these works.

Licences for catalogue items

Koordinates also allows you to license catalogue entries, but this licence is not validated in the same way as layer, tables, file documents and attachments. This is because catalogue data is not stored by Koordinates, and therefore Koordinates has no control over user access.

Additional points on licensing

  • You cannot license access and usage of the site functionality such as the API's and download facility. This access is determined by either the Koordinates Terms of Use or custom terms for Koordinates customers.
  • You cannot apply licences to sets of multiple datasets. In this case, each item in the set will have its own specific license.
  • You cannot apply more than one licence to the same data.