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To increase the use and impact of public geospatial data, Koordinates is dual-publishing all public data to our flagship site, 

This enables smaller organizations to market their data to a pre-existing audience of tens of thousands of data users. For larger organizations, acts as an additional publishing channel. We believe that multi-channel publishing will increase usage, and assist new publishers in gaining exposure for their data.

Read more about our approach to multi-channel publishing.


Sign up for a Koordinates Data Service

To list your data on, you'll first need to sign up for a Data Service. You can do this by completing the form here


Import your data

Next, you'll need to import data to your new Data Service. We've published an introductory guide on how to do that at Koordinates Help.


Select imported data you wish to publish to


Navigate to the 'Access' Tab 


Set 'Public Access' to 'Standard'

This means everyone will be able to find and view your data, and download it after registering for their Koordinates ID. 


Click 'Apply' 

Congratulations! Your data will now be available to access on both your Data Service and