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Change the default setting for metadata on your site

Site administrators can change the default settings for metadata on their site, including which metadata schemas to support and whether to enable download in PDF and XML. 


Select 'Admin' from the top menu


Click 'Other Features' and select 'Site Settings'

You will be a taken to a dashboard, which will enable you to determine a range of settings for your entire Koordinates site.


Select the Data, Metadata & Comments tab


Select Metadata

From the tabs provided, select Metadata. This will provide you will several options for the presentation of metadata across the site.


Change your default settings for metadata

You will be given the option to choose:

  • Default metadata type: This will determine which metadata schema will appear in default view for the dataset.
  • Metadata schemas downloadable as PDF: You can choose between three schemas to enable users to download in PDF.
  • The default XML schema: This is the metadata schema in XML that will accompany the download of data by users.
  • Restrict viewing and downloading to site administrators: You can decide that only site administrators will be able to view and download metadata, which will otherwise remain hidden to users.