File Formats and Data Types

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File Formats and Data Types

Introducing export file formats

A brief introduction to the different file formats supported for export.

Introducing raster data

Learn more about how Koordinates handles raster data.

Converting KML files

To import KML files to your site, you will need to convert them into another file format.

DWG format

Learn more how Koordinates handles DWG for use in CAD software.

File formats supported for importing data

Koordinates supports a range of file formats for importing data to your site.

File Geodatabase

Esri File Geodatabase is a proprietary Esri database format that is used for more complex uses of GIS dataset

GeoJPEG format

GeoJPEG is a widely supported raster format that has historically been used for aerial photography

Geopackage / SQLite

A brief introduction to Geopackage, a variant of the open source SQLite database format

GeoTIFF format

Learn more about how Koordinates handles GeoTIFF

Importing ASCII Grid format

There are several limitations to Esri ASCII Grid format, and users are advised to instead import data in GeoTIFF.

Importing Esri Binary Grids

Learn more about how Koordinates handles the Esri Binary Grid file format.

KML format

Learn how Koordinates handles KML format, used in Google Earth.

MapInfo TAB

Learn about creating a MapInfo TAB in your raster download.


Tips and tricks for downloading PDFs from a Koordinates site.

Shapefile format

Shapefile is a common GIS format developed for vector datasets that should work with most GIS applications.

Tiled data on Koordinates

Learn more about tiled data on Koordinates sites.

Understanding grid data

Learn more about the different between grid and raster data.

Understanding WMTS

An introduction to the benefits of Web Map Tile Services.

Point Cloud

What is the Point Cloud data type, and how is it created?