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Tiled data on Koordinates

What is tiled data?

Tiled data is data that has been broken up into separate pieces - known as tiles. These tiles can then be viewed and downloaded individually, which means that users don’t need to view or download the entirety of a large dataset, but only the parts they want.

Tiled data means that, when you zoom in and out of your chosen datasets in the Koordinates app, you only have to load those tiles that will appear on your screen - rather than the entire dataset.

As this suggests, tiling is especially important for very large datasets, and makes for both smaller downloads and a better experience appraising and using data.

What tiled data can I find on Koordinates?

On Koordinates, there are two forms of tiled data.

  • Raster tiles are tiles of raster datasets. Tiling has long been a common method of working with rasters, which can often be very large. Raster tiles are essentially smaller, more manageable image files, which both the app and external GIS software will ‘stitch’ together to make one large image.
  • Grid tiles work in a similar way, except they are used for grid data, such as Digital Elevation Models or Bathymetry.