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Users and Groups

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Users and Groups

Set permissions for data

Determine who can access, edit and download an individual data layer.

Export a list of Group users

Download a CSV of the users of a Group on your Data Service

Export a list of users for your Data Service

Download a CSV of the users on your Data Service

Find and manage registered users

Find and manage users on your Data Service

Suspending a user

Learn how to prevent a user from continuing to use your site.

Summary of user roles for your Data Service

Your Data Service has two broad category of role—Paid Seats, and Users.

Manage permissions on a set

Learn how to change or update the permissions on a set

Invite new users to your site

Send an invitation for new users to join your site.

Set permissions for all users

Determine a range of global permissions for all users on your site.

Change the contact email for your site

Edit the email address used to contact the administrator of your site.

Add users to a group

Manage bulk permissions per data layer by adding users to a group.

Change the owning Group of a data layer

Learn how to change which Group owns specific data layers on your site.

Edit descriptive information for a Group

Learn how to edit the descriptive information for a Group on your Koordinates Data Service.

Use Groups to share data privately

Groups can be used to privately share data with colleagues or collaborators.

Allow users to request access to a group

Administrators can decide if they want to allow users to request access to a group.

Create a Group

Groups can be used to manage data and share data with users.