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Use Groups to share data privately

Note: Groups are only available on our Business and Enterprise plans. 

Groups can be used to share data privately with a subset of users, without making that data publicly available. 

1. Select 'Manage' from the top navigation menu

2. Click 'Manage Data'

3. Select the dataset you wish to share

Permissions on Koordinates are managed on a per-dataset basis. To share data with your group, then, you will need to navigate to the dataset you wish to share.

You can locate your dataset by entering a search term and filtering by group, date created, data type, status, and last update. 

4. Click the 'Access' tab

5. Click 'Add Group Access'

6. Determine access controls

This will give bulk permissions to all users that are members of that owning Group. 

7. Select 'Apply' or 'Discard