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Allow users to request access to a group

Note: Groups are only available on our Business and Enterprise plans. 

Allow group access requests

1. Select 'Users & Groups' from the top navigation menu

2. Select 'Groups'

3. Select a specific Group

4. Click 'Details'

5. Check 'Enable Access Request'

Manage group access requests

After a user requests access, they will go into a moderation queue. Group Administrators will be emailed a notification of the request. They can then visit the moderation queue to approve or deny the request. 

The user is then notified of the moderation outcome. If they are approved, they will be given immediate access to the restricted Group and its data.

1. Select a Group

You can do so by following steps 1-3, above. 

2. Click 'Requests for Access'

3. Accept or Decline request