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Search Engine Optimisation of your data

To make your data discoverable online, Koordinates automatically optimises your datasets and metadata for search engines. This makes it much more likely that data published on a Koordinates site will be discoverable by users searching on Google and other search engines.

We do this by:

  • Automatically populating dataset titles, descriptions and tags from supplied XML metadata.
  • Automatically geotagging each geospatial dataset with the regions and localities, and inserting those ‘geotags’ into HTML for search engines to index.
  • Using the dataset titles, descriptions, tags, geotags and agency name to create search engine friendly HTML pages and HTML META tags per dataset.
  • Providing each dataset with a permanent URL, and ensuring each public dataset page remains online and is automatically monitored for uptime, to build dataset link trust with the search engines over time.
  • Using an authoritative domain name for publishers to build search engine trust for all datasets published by under that domain name.
  • Providing a series of automatically generated listings based on publisher-chosen data topics, which trigger search hits linked to those topics.
  • Automatically compiling sitemap.xml files of the site URL structure for Google.
  • Presenting a human readable and immediately usable interactive map for geospatial datasets, when users click links presented in search engines.
  • Implementing the OpenSearch standard to allow searching datasets directly from browsers, search engines, and external sites.