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Overview of download limits

There are two kinds of download limits on Koordinates sites: site-specific download limits; and format-specific download limits. 

Site-specific download limits

Site-specific download limits apply to every data export from a site on the Koordinates platform, regardless of file format. On, this limit is 1.5GB, though it can be higher or lower on publisher sites. 

The limits are calculated according to the compressed file size. 

Format-specific download limits

Some data formats on Koordinates have their own specific download limits. These are determined by the limitations of the format itself, or its associated software applications (which may crash with larger files). 

These limits are calculated according to the uncompressed file size. 

Shapefile: 2GB. Note that we cluster Shapefiles on import, which means that downloads that exceed 2GB will be automatically split into smaller files. Learn more about Shapefile exports

Mapinfo TAB: 2GB



PDF: 50MB 

What happens if I exceed the download limit?

If you hit a site-specific download limit, you can either reduce the extent of your download or order a courier delivery for your chosen data.

Please note that format-specific limits still apply to courier exports.