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Changing an unmigrated Koordinates ID email address

If your email address cannot be edited, this means that you have an un-migrated account with another site on the Koordinates platform.  

What's an unmigrated account? 

In September 2017, the LINZ Data Service, the LRIS Portal from Landcare Research, and the MfE Data Service all migrated to Koordinates cloud. As part of this process, users have been asked to 'migrate' their log-ins to a Koordinates ID. 

How do I migrate? 

To migrate your account, simply log-in to those sites you have existing accounts with and follow the instructions provided. It shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes. The migration process will involve: 

After I've migrated, how do I change my email address?

Follow the steps on our help site, detailed here

Where can I find out more on the migration to Koordinates cloud? 

You can read more about the migration to Koordinates cloud in this blog post