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FAQs on the migration of user accounts to Koordinates ID

What is Koordinates ID?

Koordinates ID is a single-sign-on service for all sites on the Koordinates platform. Koordinates ID allows users to access any site on the Koordinates platform with a single email address and password.

What is Koordinates?

Koordinates is a New Zealand-based technology company that has worked in open data publishing for nearly a decade. Koordinates provide data service sites for many NZ government agencies, including Land Information New Zealand, Stats NZ and the Ministry of Defence.

Why do I need to get a Koordinates ID?

In 2017, the LINZ Data Service, MfE Data Service and LRIS Portal from Landcare Research are all migrating to a Koordinates cloud installation of their sites, away from their on-premise installations.

All sites on the Koordinates cloud platform use Koordinates ID, which means that users of these three sites will need to opt-in to migrate their account information to a Koordinates ID.

Why are these data services migrating?

The LINZ Data Service, the MfE Data Service and the LRIS Portal are currently on-premise installations. By migrating to a cloud installation, these sites will be easier to maintain and upgrade, and more readily ‘scaleable’ should agencies wish to publish more data. There are also likely to be noticeable performance improvements.

Why do I have to create a new password?

If you don’t have an existing Koordinates ID, then you will need to create a password for this new account. Koordinates will only be migrating account information — such as download history and API tokens — and not passwords.

Why do I have to verify my email address?

In order to migrate your existing account to a single Koordinates ID — or merge your account with an existing Koordinates ID — we need to verify that your email address is actually your email address.

What if I already have a Koordinates ID?

You’ll need to give us permission to migrate your account with these sites to your existing Koordinates ID. You may also need to verify your email address.

I’ve been using a fake email address. What happens to my account?

You’ll need to create a new account with an email address you can verify.

I have an account that’s shared with other members in my team, and I can’t access the inbox to click the verification email.

You’ll need to create a new account. All Koordinates IDs are required to be specific to an individual user (and not, for example, shared within a team).

How do I know if I’ve got a Koordinates ID?

We can figure that out for you automatically after you enter your email address next time you log in. If you have a Koordinates ID and have verified your email address, we’ll ask you to give us permission to migrate your account to your Koordinates ID.

Koordinates ID is currently used for all ‘cloud’ sites on the Koordinates platform. This includes sites for Stats NZ, NZ Defence Force and itself. If you can log-in to any of these sites, then you have a Koordinates ID.

I received emails from more than one agency. What do I do?

You will need to give us permission to migrate the account for each agency data service next time you log in.

After these accounts have been migrated to your Koordinates ID, you’ll be able to use your ID to access any site on the Koordinates platform. Any account information you have with one of these sites — such as download history or API tokens — will remain accessible and unchanged.

If I don’t migrate, will my API tokens stop working?

To ensure continuity of service, your existing API tokens will continue to work until July 2018 — even if you don’t verify your account. However, you won’t be able to create new tokens or delete existing tokens without migrating your account to Koordinates ID. 

What happens if I don’t migrate my account?

Nothing — except you won’t be able to download data or create new API tokens from your existing account. Your account will remain under the LINZ Data Service Terms of Use until you opt-in to Koordinates ID and the Koordinates Terms of Use.

How long do I have to decide to opt-in to Koordinates ID?

You will be able to migrate your account until July 2018. However, you will need a Koordinates ID to log in to any site on the Koordinates platform, and only logged-in users can download data and create API tokens.