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Update your communication preferences

Users will occasionally receive emails providing updates and offers from Koordinates. Users can have their email addresses removed from these mailing lists, or can opt back into a previously unsubscribed list.

Note Invoice emails will always be sent for your records regardless of the updates you make to the communication preferences for your account.

1. Open any Product Update or Marketing email you have received from Koordinates, and scroll to the bottom of the email.

Email preferences can only be changed via a previously received email. If you don’t have any Product Update of Marketing emails, contact

2. Select the ‘Manage Preferences’ link

You will be directed to your personalised communication preferences menu.

Note that the ‘Manage preferences’ link is unique to your account, and can only be accessed by email. You cannot alter the preferences of others. Neither can Koordinates.

3. Choose whether to opt in or out of the two types of communication emails Koordinates sends

  • Product Updates: Providing you with brief factual information about any new or updated features or services provided by Koordinates.May include instructions on how to access or apply these changes to your account.
  • Marketing Communications: Providing you with offers and other pertinent information from Koordinates. 

Note Koordinates does not sell or provide your email address to Third Parties, and any marketing communications will strictly be related to Koordinates.

You have the option to unsubscribe from both of these types of communication, and be removed from all mailing lists.

Note, that invoices will continue to be sent for tax purposes.

4. Click Update email preferences for the changes to be applied.