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Raise a ticket with Koordinates Support

Please note that this feature is only supported for customers with Business or Enterprise support plans. For customers on standard Helpdesk support, please submit tickets by emailing


Select 'Admin' from the top menu


Click 'Other Features' and select 'Site Settings'


Click 'Add' and select 'Submit Koordinates Support Request'


Describe your request

Provide a detailed description of your support request.


Categorise your request

To help Koordinates Support assign your request to a team member, you can tell us what type of request you are making.

Categories include:

  • Web user interface
  • Data import/update
  • Data exports
  • WFS / WMS
  • Tile Services / WMTS
  • New features in progress
  • Feature request
  • Other


Categorise the impact

Choose from one of three levels of impact. This will enable Koordinates Support to more effectively respond to your request.


Add an attachment

If possible, add an attachment - such as a a screenshot - to clarify your request for the Koordinates Support team.


Click Save

Click Save to submit your request to Koordinates Support.