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Manage your Koordinates Support tickets

Site administrators have the capacity to view and manage their support tickets from within their Koordinates site. 

Please note that this feature is only supported for customers with Business or Enterprise support plans. 


Select Administration from the main menu


Select Koordinates Support Requests

You will then see a list of all your support request, filtered by date on which the request was made. 


Select a specific support request

Click on the title of a specific support request and you will be taken to that request within the Koordinates support site. Here, you will be able to check on the progress of your ticket, view all relevant correspondence, and communicate with the assigned customer experience representative or support engineer.


Filter your requests

If you are looking for a specific support request, you can filter your requests according to:

  • Status: This refers to whether the request is Open, Pending (i.e. in progress), Solved or Closed.
  • Requester: This refers to the person who made the request from within your site.
  • Type: This refers to the nature of the request. This type will have been assigned by the person who submitted the initial request. The categories used will depend on your site, though may include:

- Web user interface

- Data import/update

- Data exports


- Tile services / WMTS

- New features in progress

- Feature request

- Other