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Get data from Koordinates into Google Earth

This is an introductory guide explains how to get data from Koordinates into Google Earth, an application that enables users to easily navigate satellite imagery. It is relatively easy for users - even those with limited GIS knowledge or experience - to layer data from Koordinates in Google Earth.


Find your data

Enter a search-term to find your dataset of choice. Click Add and use the crop tool at the bottom to get the sections you need.


Select Download or Order

At the download box, select Google Earth (KML), which is simply the file type that works with Google Earth.

Once you’ve accepted the terms, Koordinates will process your download request. After the download has been processed, you’ll get an email, with a link to download a .zip file of your chosen dataset.

Click on this link and your download will begin.


Find the .kml file

After the download is complete, you will need to find the download folder — it should start with ‘kx’ and end with ‘KML’.

The next step is to find the KML index file. This sounds complicated, but in practice all you actually have to do is open the folder and it should be right there.


Get your data into Google Earth

If you have downloaded Google Earth, all you have to do now is click that ‘.kml’ link and Google Earth will pop up. You’ll see a representation of Earth, which will spin around and then zoom into the location of your dataset.

Now, you will be able to zoom into the extent of your chosen dataset and see your data layered over Google Earth.