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Everything you need to know to publish and share data.

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Manually update a layer with new data


Select Manage Data from the Admin menu


Upload your updated data

You can upload your updated data by clicking Add and then Upload from the menu bar in the left side of your screen. Find out more about how to upload data.


Go to the data management dashboard

To update your data, you’ll first need to visit the data management dashboard.

If you’ve just uploaded your data, you’ll be there already, and you can skip to 3., below.

If you’ve navigated back to the home screen, then you’ll need to click Add and Create/Update Layers and Tables. This is in the same menu as the Upload Data option, above.


Click on Import and Update Data

Once you’re in the data management dashboard, select Import and Update Data.


Select your data and click Update Existing

You can do this by clicking the box next to your chosen dataset. You may have to click on its containing folder to do so.


Choose which layer you want to update

You’ll then be given a list of layers to update with your chosen dataset. Choose from the list, and then click Continue.


Confirm update

You’ll be presented with a summary of the changes made to your chosen layer, and will be asked to confirm. Check your changes, before clicking Continue to edit layer details.


Edit layer details and save layer

Finally, you’ll be given the option of editing the details for your dataset (or layer). You’ll have the option of changing a range of information, including title, tags, category, description, license and permissions.

Once you’ve confirmed the details for your layer, click Save and update at the bottom of the screen. Before you do so, though, remember that updating a new layer with new data is irreversible.