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Schedule regular updates of your data


Publish updates on a reliable shared data source

To automate regular, scheduled data updates, you will need to publish your data updates on a reliable shared data source that is accessible to Koordinates.

For scheduled regular updates, Koordinates recommends using a data source that will provide high reliability access, such as a monitored data server.

Koordinates allows the connection of a range of data sources to Koordinates for data scanning and data loading, including:

  • PostgreSQL and PostGIS
  • PostgreSQL w/ Koordinates Changeset Schema
  • Windows CIFS shares
  • ArcGIS Server REST API
  • WFS services
  • ZIP files or a series of individual data files published on a web server

Other data sources can be added as new features via a Statement of Work, such as SQL Server, Oracle or Amazon S3.

Connecting these data sources to Koordinates may require arranging secure network access between the two end-points which Koordinates supports via direct firewall adjustments and VPN connection.


Raise a support ticket with Koordinates

Once the updates are published, raise a ticket with Koordinates Support. To raise a ticket with Koordinates Support, select Contact Us from the Help menu.

In the message of the ticket, let us know the update window.


Koordinates will scan for updates

After informing Koordinates of the update window, Koordinates will run a scheduled script at the designated time.

Koordinates will scan the data source for new and existing datasets, and locate updates. Existing datasets will then be automatically updated. In the event of validation errors encountered during the update process, the script will terminate and send a warning notifications.