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Everything you need to know to publish and share data.

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Set up a group on your site

After you have uploaded data to your Koordinates data service, you can arrange both the users and the data on your site into specific groups. It’s best to think about groups on Koordinates in two distinct categories:

  1. Groups of data. These groups can be used to designate the team, division or project in your organisation that is ultimately responsible for that data.
  2. Groups of users. These groups enable you to manage permissions and administration for multiple users. This saves you from having to set permissions for users on a case by case basis.

The process for setting up both kinds of group is identical.


Select 'Manage Data' from the Admin menu


Navigate to Create Group

Select Add from the main menu on the left of your Koordinates site homepage. You will be given a range of options, including Create Group.


Add information for your new groups

Complete the fields for your new group. Most of these are self-evident:

  • Title, URL and Description.
  • Country and Website of group owner.
  • Accounts email. This is the address for mail sent to this particular group. It will also be the Sales referral email, if applicable.
  • Comments and Statistics. You can decide whether to enable comments and to make the statistics on views and downloads for each dataset in your group public.


Create Group

After completing relevant fields for your group, click Create.


Add users

After you’ve created your new group, you’ll be given the opportunity to add users. All you have to do is enter their email address.

Members of the group will be able to access data owned by the group.

You may also choose to give new users permission to administer layers and users, which we explain in greater detail below.  

If the person isn’t a registered user of the site, they’ll receive an email asking them to register. When they do, they’ll join the list of users in your group.


Decide if users can request access

Click the box at the bottom of your add users screen allow site users to request access to your group.


Set per-dataset permissions for group

After your group has been set up, you can permit users in that group to view, download or administer specific datasets.

Permissions on Koordinates are managed on a per-dataset basis. Read our user guide on setting permissions on data.


Make your group an owner of data

You can designate the owner during the upload and import process.